2 min readApr 2, 2021


The Two Types of People in your life…

Fruit-centred People & Root-centred people.

  1. Fruit-centred People

These people are attracted and are around you primarily because of what you can do and produce. They are blessed by the gift operating through you.

However, if you don’t place healthy boundaries around yourself these people can begin to feel like leaches and drain you.

They may me down for the hype but not down for the hard times. So guard your heart from being offended, and continue to live by the principle of contribution because your fruit matters and contribution matters.

Lastly, it’s important to recognise those who are called to be positively impacted by your skills and gifts because by healthily serving them you’ll find fulfilment.

It’s a great feeling to see someone grow and flourish because of the seeds you’ve deposited in them.

2. Root-centred People

These people are invested in who you are rather than what you do. They are the people who get you and see you. They have the ability to ground you and remind you of your core values and principles.

However, these type of people may grow to be too familiar with who you are because they know your flaws and short-comings, because of this they could potentially overlook who you are becoming.

It’s critical that you don’t allow their perception stunt your progression. Sincerely express your love to them but also emphasise your commitment to grow with or without them.

At their best root centred people are good to keep around because they’ll be with you when you win and with you when you fall. It’s also so powerful when they see the potential in you because they often have the ability to remind you of why you started and be a source of great encouragement.

So to conclude, we need both fruit and root centred people. At their best both can be a source of fulfilment and companionship on your journey. So remember to keep good healthy boundaries and grow gracefully.




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