The formation of resilience

Because you will confront many setbacks and dead ends as a creative, resilience is an important attribute to have.

Without the attribute, you are more likely to give up and convince yourself that not living up to your full potential is acceptable.

But guess what you’re doing? You’re cheating on yourself, and that’s the biggest betrayal.

Resilience isn’t built solely on strength; it’s often the result of a mix of loss, gain, hope, and vision.

When you’ve tasted defeat without the sadness of weeping, when you’ve been so close to your dream but still come up short – this is how resilience is built.

You cannot isolate or protect yourself from pain; instead, you must embrace it and allow it to change you for the better.

This is how you build resilience amid adversity, by accepting what's happened and refusing to be reduced by it.



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