Shedding Off Your Old-Self

2 min readMar 2, 2023

On the road of purpose remember that it’s going to take immense strength to shed off a self image that no longer serves your future.

At times the resistance is going to be so strong that you’ll be tempted to cave in and quit on the future self you know you were born to be. But just imagine the wasted potential and possible consequences if you were to choose that path.

Life isn’t easy. Sometimes doubt can creep into mind and paralyse your momentum. But remember this, if you were not on verge of something wonderful do you think that you’d face such challenges?

What if challenges were a sign that you are on the right path? What if success isn’t a life full of ease but a life full of overcoming? What if your higher self requires that you endure so that the gold in you can be purified? Those who are refined by fires of life become qualified to put fires out.

It’s human nature to be grow complacent but that’s not the path to a wonderful life. You have to be willing to die to yourself and come alive to possibilities of who could become if you don’t faint at the sight of adversity.

When you step into new territory there will always be giants occupying the land. But today I want to remind you that you are well able to take hold of the victory and live the dream you’ve always desired. But to attain this, you need lower down the voice of self doubt and amplify the voice of self-belief.

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