Devotion: Paying the Price for Success

Devotion to your mission is a road you must take with or without the praise of people.

Yes, it would be nice to have people recognise your work, but the truth is not everyone will resonate or see the value in what you’ve been called to and that’s okay.

Remember those who need what you carry will organically be drawn to you.

Because your life work is sacred; something you do unto your Creator, you can’t allow the good or the negative opinions of people sway you away from your worthy cause. You must grow in your perseverance and hold tight to the discipline of producing results in your given field.

For example, there are some artist who have only received the recognition they deserve once they have passed away. Yes, honing your craft without appreciation can be hard but imagine if they quitted, imagine if they forsook their calling because nobody appreciated them in their lifetime. What gifts would be withheld from future generations if that was the case?

So here’s the truth, one day you will be held accountable for how you managed your gifts. May you be a person who, with conviction, persevered the course. May you find satisfaction in the lives you impact and the person you become because of it.

Perhaps the dream you are birthing may not be for now but for a future generation.

Whatever the case may be, may you devote yourself to something bigger than yourself, not for the attention of man but because it’s an extension of who you authentically are.

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