Co-creating Your Dreams

2 min readJun 6, 2022

Your dream requires that you invest in the best version of yourself. Your potential will not thrive unless you start feeding it and exposing it to the things that will bring it forth.

Some of us are born into what others may consider a disadvantage, but a key component of faith is believing that with God, everything is possible.

Once you believe that God is on your side and that he is capable of working with anything and turning it into a symbol and marvel of his power, you will realise that nothing is too difficult for God to do in you and through you.

So bring your challenges. Bring your limitations. Lay them at the feet of your Redeemer, and expect him to work wonders.

Now, another crucial part of faith is action.

As a co-creator, your beliefs and actions cannot be inconsistent. There are habits you need to adopt and mindsets you need to cultivate to align with the person God has called you to become.

So as you study the traits of highly successful people and you’re exposed to greater atmopsheres, allow them to renew your mind. But also, remember this clearly, that there is a unique blueprint encoded with your assignment that can only be found as you co-create with God’s spirit.

Do not waste your faith by believing in your disadvantages. Instead, cultivate the hunger that drives you into the possibilities that are attached to your life found in God’s intention for your life.

May you find new joy in partnering with God.

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