How to Become a Non-reactive Person

2 min readMar 9, 2022


There are pitfalls that come with being a reactive person.

When you’re constantly in a hurry, you fail to carve out times to slow down, which then negatively impacts the way you show up.

Living a life of reaction is the quickest way to disengage from your best self.

So we must intentionally make space in our schedules to make sure that we are slowing down and being present with ourselves, and we can do so by:

• Practicing Solitude

Sitting in silence for at least 5 minutes allows you to realise that you’re not in control. And Guess what? Life is happening and will continue to happen with or without you.

Allow that to sober you — the universe doesn’t revolve around you, but your immediate world surely does. This moment of pause allows you to check in with the most important person that needs to be cared for, which is yourself.

• Priming The Soul

Naturally, our souls overtime grow chaotic and we lose touch with our values and vision.

By reading something uplifting, we can prime the soul to be grounded in the type of person we want to be and the type of life we want to create.

You don’t become a person of value accidentally. It take discipline and dedication.

• Prioritising self-expression

A large part of depression stems from the fact that we suppress so much. As a result, having outlets allows us to release emotions more through healthy outlets.

So whatever it is, journaling, painting, working out, making music — find a way to allow your emotions to be released and clarity will come as a result.

Remember that making time for margins and pauses in your life will benefit not only you, but also those you lead and care for.

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