Apple is Dead.

2 min readSep 14, 2023

Let’s face it. The innovative, revolutionary, and cutting edge apple is dead.

A company that revolutionised industries is having a major identity crises. Simply floating on effective marketing and resources at disposal won’t win the heart or keep apple relevant in the near future.

It’s sad to say, as a apple fan myself, I see apple drowning if it doesn’t get its edge back.

The current apple, plays it safe.

The current apple is political rather than revolutionary.

The current apple doesn’t inspire the maverick’s, the world changers, and the outliners anymore.

It’s pretends to.

But it doesn’t.

No at all.

It’s riding off the momentum of an old era which Steve jobs led, but now that wave is coming to an end.

I love apple. I want the company to evolve. I’m not asking for the old glory days.

But I do find myself feeling a void of excitement in the market where apple once occupied.

If the right company rises, in the likes of Elon musk, I see many flocking away from apple. Sadly.

To end, I love apple. But I don’t love the direction it’s going, nor do I think it will sustain them as I see new brands rising and capturing the hearts of consumers.

The truth is apple is dead.

But I want it revived. Hopefully.




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