The Two Types of People in your life…

Fruit-centred People & Root-centred people.

  1. Fruit-centred People

These people are attracted and are around you primarily because of what you can do and produce. They are blessed by the gift operating through you.

However, if you don’t place healthy boundaries around yourself these people can begin to feel like leaches and drain you.

They may me down for the hype but not down for the hard times. So guard your heart from being offended, and continue to live by the principle of contribution because your fruit matters and contribution matters.

Lastly, it’s…

Devotion to your mission is a road you must take with or without the praise of people.

Yes, it would be nice to have people recognise your work, but the truth is not everyone will resonate or see the value in what you’ve been called to and that’s okay.

Remember those who need what you carry will organically be drawn to you.

Because your life work is sacred; something you do unto your Creator, you can’t allow the good or the negative opinions of people sway you away from your worthy cause. …

To attain and to walk in the fulness of who you are meant to be in the sight of your Creator you need to let go of who you think you are and rediscover your most authentic self and often that can be painful.

It is difficult to face childhood trauma that caused your low self-esteem, it is hard to face your self limiting excuses that stop you from fully expressing your potential, and it is equally grievous to have to let go of these narratives that so defined your behaviour but now no longer serves the person you are…

Get Out of Your Own Way

I’ve found that people who add value to the world are people who have learnt how to get out of their own way.

Sometimes it is our own habits, thoughts, and the preoccupation with self that blocks us from progressing and contributing to the world in a meaningful way.

One way we can get out of our own way is to live a life of selfless service and find some cause worthy enough to loose our life in.

When we become so consumed with expressing the gift we are because there are people who…

Isaac Tendo

Somewhere sipping tea, listening to lofi-hip-hop, and hoping my existence captivates your heart and provokes you to live life more meaningfully.

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